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 Full Hearing Assessment (Diagnostic Hearing Test)



This is a comprehensive assessment of your hearing ability. It is performed to the standard required by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, ACC, Veterans Affairs (War Pensions), Civil Aviation, Police and pre-employment hearing assessments. Audiometric testing is conducted in a sound treated booth.


Hearing Aid Tuning



We are able to adjust the settings of any of the hearing aid brands available in New Zealand. If you feel your hearing aids need to be turned up, turned down, fine-tuned or components such as tubing and filters changed, book in to see one of our audiologists for a comprehensive tuning appointment.


Micro-suction Ear Wax Removal



Micro-suction is the recommended method for removing wax and other debris from the ear canals. Micro-suction is the cleaning of the ear canal using a gentle suction. Come in and see our wax removal team if you:

  • feel your ears are blocked

  • have experienced a loss in hearing

  • have a history of wax build up

  • experience tinnitus

  • have sensitive ears including itchy ears

We do not perform the alternative method of Ear Syringing (where water is forced into the ear canals under pressure), due to the risks of ear drum perforation and irritation caused to the ear canal skin.


In-house Hearing Aid Maintenance



If your hearing aids need a clean and check we can give them a thorough service.

  • Change tubing

  • Change filters

  • Electronic hearing aid drying

  • Advice and trouble-shooting


Hearing Aid Fitting


Included in cost of hearing aids.

As an independent clinic our university trained audiologists can supply and fit all 500+ hearing aid models with prices ranging from $2,157 (pair) up to $11,612 (pair).


Tinnitus Assessment



We measure the pitch and loudness of your tinnitus and assess depending on complexity.  We are registered Tinnitus specialists, our fees are very competitive and we have access to goverment funding.


Custom Ear Plugs



These are a must for musicians, motorcyclists, those working in heavy industry or people who just want a peaceful sleep. Impressions of your ear canals are made and then produced into a pair of soft custom ear plugs. A sound filter is embedded in the plugs for appropriate attenuation of your specific noisy environment. Swim plugs are also available.



Hearing Aids

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Our Services

Hearing tests and checks, microsuction wax removal.


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