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Common Questions

1) How much do hearing aids cost? Is there any funding available?

A pair of hearing aids can be FREE if you are eligible for particular funding. In general, the cost of a pair of aids ranges from $2,157 (entry level technology) to $11,612 (premium level technology).

  • Some people are able to get subsidised or even free hearing aids through avenues such as ACC, Accessable or Veterans Affairs.
  • Most New Zealanders are eligible for a government subsidy of $1022.22 (incl GST) per pair of hearing aids, once every 6 years.
  • If your aids have been damaged or lost and you have them insured on your contents policy, they may be able to be repaired/replaced free of charge (depending on your insurance excess).

To assess your eligibility for subsidies or funding, ask your audiologist.


2) If I do have a hearing loss, do I have to get hearing aids?

If you think you have a hearing loss it is best to get it checked out; you may just have an ear wax build up that is blocking the sound pathway. If ear wax is not the problem getting a hearing test is the next step.
If a hearing loss is found, your audiologist will advise you on the best treatment options. For certain types of hearing loss:

  • medical treatment from a GP may be advised
  • listening strategies or tinnitus therapy could be recommended
  • devices such as telephones or TV headphones for the hearing impaired may be trialled
  • hearing aids may be the most suitable treatment option


3) How do I know which hearing aid is right for me?

Your audiologist will help you determine the best hearing aids for your hearing loss and budget. Some hearing aids are more powerful than others, some assist more in background noise and others have better moisture resistance.

Wolfe Hearing is not owned by a particular manufacturer, so we are able to assess the suitability of all the different brands and models.


4) Do I need hearing aids in both ears?

For most people with a hearing loss, the level of loss is similar in both ears. In most cases like this two aids are recommended, in order to maintain balance, the ability to localise sound and to hear more effectively in background noise.


5) What is that ringing noise in my ears?

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing ear-noise or head-noise. It can be caused by (but not limited to) excessive ear wax build up, lifestyle factors, stress levels, medical conditions and hearing loss. It is best to get it assessed by your audiologist who can recommend the best treatment option for you.


6) Does it hurt to have ear wax removed?

At Wolfe Hearing we use micro-suctioning which is the safest and recommended way of removing ear wax and/or debris from the ear canal.  It uses a gentle suction instrument rather than syringing which forces water into the ear canal.


7) What is an independent audiologist?

An independent audiologist is a clinician with a Master’s Degree in Audiology who is able to advise the best hearing aids for you, after considering all the brands and styles available. 
The Wolfe Hearing audiologists do not work on commission and they give recommendations based on the best price and performance of the most up-to-date hearing aids.

For more information on independent audiologists see this website



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