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Hearing Aids


As independent audiologists we are able to supply and program ALL of the well-respected hearing aid brands:

Bernafon Hearing Aids Oticon  Hearing Aids Phonak  Hearing Aids  
ReSound  Hearing Aids Seimens Hearing Aids Sonic Hearing Aids  
Starkey Hearing Aids Unitron Hearing Aids Widex Hearing Aids  


Hearing aids vary in brand, style and price. Your audiologist will recommend hearing aids that are suitable for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. The cost of your hearing aids can vary depending on: how severe your hearing loss is, the style/size that you prefer and how many advanced features you require for your listening requirements.

Here are a few things to note when considering the best hearing aids for you:

1. Are you eligible for any subsidies/funding? Some people are able to get subsidised or even free hearing aids through avenues such as ACC, Enable or Veterans Affairs. Most New Zealanders are eligible for a government subsidy of $1022.22 (incl GST) per pair of hearing aids once every 6 years. To assess your eligibility, ask your audiologist.

2. Does the cost of your hearing aids include the fitting fee? At Wolfe Hearing the price that you are quoted for your hearing aids includes the fitting fee (the cost involved in programming the hearing aids for your specific needs) and the follow up appointments within the trial period. Elsewhere, the fitting fee can be a separate charge.

3. Is your chosen audiology provider well-established? Wolfe Hearing is the longest standing audiology practice in the Waikato and Franklin districts. We have not been sold or renamed since being established over 10 years ago.

4. Does your audiology provider consider you an individual? Our clients are not numbers, everyone’s circumstances are different and we aim to accommodate. If needed we can extend your hearing aid trial or happily suggest you try a second brand or style of aid if the first is not suitable.


Hearing Aids

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