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Angella Wolfe  Audiologist, BA, MAud(Hons), MNZAS.

I’ve worked as an audiologist for 20 years and I still really enjoy my job!
My biggest passion is matching the right hearing aids to the right client. I grew up on a dairy farm in Karaka, so have a very practical approach to getting the best care for my clients. You will get my honest opinion about what will work for you.

Wolfe Hearing is proudly independent and is not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. I have no financial incentive to recommend one hearing aid brand over another. It comes down to the performance!

Kent Designer

Kent Spence  Audiologist, MSc

Prior to becoming an Audiologist, I studied music and audio production in the deep south of Invercargill.

The cold winter nights were often spent locked in the insulated walls of a studio honing my craft as an audio engineer.

This has benefited my clinical practice immensely as my technical understanding of audio aids me in the fitting of hearing devices.

Furthermore, working at Wolfe Hearing as an Independent audiologist gives me access to a large range of products from a variety of manufacturers

allowing me to find a custom solution to everyone's individual hearing needs.

I take immense pride in my work and feel very privileged to be able to help others reconnect to the world around them through better hearing.


Nadia Shevchenko  Audiologist, MSc

I am a firm believer in the client centred approach, where values and needs of an individual are at the heart of deciding which services and technology will work best for them. More than anything, to me audiology is about improving the quality of life of our clients and boosting their independence and self-esteem.

My first degree is in Public Health and over a decade of my career was dedicated to improving access to quality health-related services for those who need them.

Harriet Taylor New

Harriet Taylor  Audiologist, MSc

My keen interest in health and science led me to train in both nursing and nutrition, which turned into a Master's degree in Audiology at the University. Of Canterbury.

I started audiology with an interest in solving tinnitus problems and have evolved into an expert at paring cell phones to hearing aids. I am happy to help anyone with hearing problems. After all, that’s what I trained for!!

On a personal note, I am really happy to be back and settled in the area.


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